Tanit Global Trade is a purchasing agency dedicated to assisting companies of all sizes with their India sourcing strategies. We bridge the international procurement gap, helping our customers to avoid risk and overcome potential difficulties while obtaining quality Indian products at affordable price points.

Purchasing from India often involves multiple challenges, such as:

Dealing with middlemen who can quietly drive up a client’s procurement cost – often substantially. Despite the added cost, these trade companies don’t even have full control over common variables like production quality and delivery time.
Inability to perform accurate due diligence when finding a supplier. Not only is a language barrier in play when dealing with a Indian supplier, you likely won’t be able to properly inspect the facilities for production run quantity, end product quality, and deadline capabilities.
Determining total shipping and landing costs for products. Many times a company underestimates the actual expenses of importing, neglecting to consider costs for loading, transportation, and import duties. By the time the product reaches their domestic warehousing facilities, per-piece costs could be far outside budget and planning targets.
As a leading agency located in India , our local employees are and fluen many languages English and Hindi Arabic n French , Urdu. This allows us to properly and promptly relay information between suppliers and importers, delivering an optimal business experience for valued clients like you. Additionally, being locally situated gives our team a unique, transparent outlook on Chinese manufacturing industry culture; one that aids us in negotiation, due diligence, quality control, and global logistics.

At Tanit Global Trade , we operate as a “one-stop agency,” providing you with comprehensive solutions for every aspect of your procurement needs in China. If you’re looking to partner with a reliable supply agency to unlock efficient sourcing through low-cost strategies, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your needs.


Our mission is to lead international business simpler and safer, and reduce the cost and risk which from intermediate links

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