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Tanit Global Trade is an Indien international import / export trading company, specializing in servicing Indien Manufacturers, Overseas Retailers, E-Commerce Companies, Foreign Buyers, Distributors and Agents. We give both domestic and international companies the opportunity to grow in international markets through importing and exporting. With a team of professionals that have experience years of international trade and finance experience, Tanit Global Trade has developed the perfect relationships to support and execute the flawless transactions expected of an international trading company.

Tanit Global Trade in Mumbai City, , is an International Import & Export trading company and trade consultant for manufacturers, buyers, distributors, and agents. We are presently seeking foreign buyers (e-commerce, brick & mortar retailers, wholesalers, distributors,  and agents) interested in purchasing brand name Consumer goods (wellness products), wearing apparel, footwear (men’s shoes, women’s shoes, & kid’s shoes), to Ramen noodles, gourmet baked goods, Baby product, Seaweed, Soup, Snack, Beverages, Furniture, Toy, Office supply, Craft work and more. To learn more, and to complete and send us for your information, please see our Partnership company and in our menu selection. We work on behalf of Indian manufacturers to promote the sale of high quality, superior all of the country made products and materials at competitive prices in the global marketplace; provide profitable export strategies; and develop long-term relationships with foreign buyers, distributors, and agents. To garner more sales, think about exporting. With our help, you can increase demand for your products on a global scale. It is difficult for foreign buyers, distributors, and agents to locate the many India made products because of only about one percent of Indian manufacturers export. Let Tanit Global Trade be your company’s export department, trade intermediary, and help to increase your export trade business. We will do it all for you. Please contact us by phone, email or fax for a free consultation.

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