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    Finding the right product or service at the right price can be time consuming so why not consider using our product sourcing services instead. As your product sourcing specialist we can keep track of all your supply requirements with our product sourcing solutions.Good Quality stars with Good Sourcing !

    We always take things one step at a time…
    1. You’ll tell us everything you can about your project.
    2. One of our project managers will review your requirements.
    3. We’ll hand-pick qualified manufactures just for you. With our help, you’ll get through the phases of full product development, choosing from reliable suppliers.
    When finished, you’ll have a fully developed SAMPLE, complete with PACKING, quality agreement,

    When you work with us you’ll receive:
    -A dedicated, English &hindi&arabic&frensh speaking project manager
    – Outstanding quality control assessment throughout the entire process, including professional team inspections.
    -Complete management of your product
    -An official Product Validation Report
    -Thorough supplier valuation – up to 5 qualified REAL manufactures with NO middle man!
    -Due diligence with all selected suppliers
    -Excellent negotiation for your order with a better price for the highest quality product
    -Easy initial purchase with a low minimum quantity
    -All of the branding materials you need, including inserts, catalogs, stickers, and packing.
    -A ready-to-sell private label with fully-developed sample.
    We have a deep understanding of the Indian culture, language, and business practices.
    We are seasoned private label negotiators and know how to push the only way natives can. We offer complete, done-for-you solutions for your business. Many of our clients come to us when they have been burnt through fraud broker or it’s manufacturers. Honestly, we have heard too many horror stories to mention.
    We operate on YOUR behalf in India , dealing, negotiating, inspecting and arranging your shipments. We’ve done this manys of times , so if there’s anything you’re unsure about, we can suggest what needs to be done, and then do it for you.
    With years of experience on the factory floors, developing relationships and gaining an understanding of local business culture, we have found the right option to produce your goods matching all your requests.
    You obtain a comprehensive solution with quotations including all details and our experts advice to help you choose the right partner.
    To operate successfully, you must have the contacts with the factories, shipment companies and also know how to work with the factories, but Tanit Global Trade has grown to become a proven successful full service sourcing partner with an order history to prove it. We have helped many clients with all kind of products, from Furniture and lamps to houses and machinery.
    We value professionalism, transparency and efficiency, and with the aim to give our clients the best possible service you can trust that we put our clients needs first. With Indian’s enormous variety of factories and services it’s time to lean on the one that knows who you should work with, and who to avoid. We source only the highest quality materials and products for our customers. Whether you are a new online seller or a huge national retailer, Tanit Global Trade ensures timely delivery at a competitive cost. Every supplier and their goods are inspected, tested, and verified by us under the world’s leading independent quality standards organization – all before we even think to recommend them to you. Every supplier and their goods are inspected, tested, and verified by us under the world’s leading independent quality standards organization – all before we even think to recommend them to you.
    Have questions? Ready to getstarted? Contact us now!

    Product Sourcing

    Regularly, we will speak with at least 15 product vendors in india for each one product and then select 3-5 suppliers that can provide better offers and better fit your needs. You will get a supplier sourcing report within 48 hours typically. You can check and decide which vendor will best match your request.

    Finding your best fit suppliers and verification take time. A lot of time. You don’t need to get your hands dirty for all the details. You can actually be free from these hassles (All the effective or noneffective communication, cultural and time difference, struggling with scammer screening etc). Instead, you will be able to devote your precious time into other core parts of the work like marketing, management, increasing sales etc

    Sample Handling

    A sample is more of a standard that we can define whether the product is of quality and to your requirement or not. It is one of the key processes to get your order done right.

    We can collect the sample from your prospective supplier(Regular they would charge a certain amount of cost for the sample). Afterward, we will check and test on the sample, make reports and record videos and send to you for evaluation.

    Based on the information, if the sample failed, we will see how to move on. If the sample is to your standard, you could either choose to let me ship the sample to you so that you can get a real touch on the actual product or you may not need to feel the sample by yourself and you can decide whether to approve it after seeing the reports and videos


    To get the best offers, we can negotiate with the suppliers as your sourcing agent, on behalf of you and your company. We could try to speak directly to their boss or the decision maker case by case, as we are free of the language barrier. It gives bigger chance to get better quotes and terms for you.

    We could also negotiate based on the sources that we have to get as best sourcing results for you as possible.

    Product Development

    You may have an incredible product idea that can sell like crazy in the market, but you are not sure how to make it happen. No worry. Let us know your idea and if you have your own design or drawing, which would be more helpful, we can help you to find the best fit factory to make your design to be a real product.

    Regularly, it would involve sampling and sometimes we’ll need to develop and improve the product to higher and better versions. Private labels with your desired brand name and LOGO on the packages or finished products will also be viable.

    Business Trip Accompany

    Some of you may need to come to India and pay an on-site visit to differentsuppliers. It can be visiting Indian factories or wholesale marketplaces or fairs/trade shows/conference etc.

    If you are new to India, we can be of help along your business trip in India , interpret for you and guide you to where you need to head for. It can save you tons of time and effectively avoid any misunderstanding between you and your prospective vendors in India

    Quality Inspection

    Quality control is one of the most importance processes to make sure that you get the products what you want them to be like. To monitor thoroughly the entire process, it would involve order tracking from beginning to the end(on-site factory visit is available when needed). Apart from this, inspection is another useful “tool” to ensure products are of quality to your standard and related requirements. (Regularly there are these 4 types of inspection. Pre-Production Inspection, Mid Production Inspection, Post Production Inspection, Pre-Shipment & Loading Inspection)

    We can carry out particular inspection based on international standard of ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1). Take Pre-shipment inspection as a quick example, the inspection details would be like appearance, functions, measurement/sizes, performance, colors, specifications etc. After the inspection, the inspector will make an inspection report, showing the inspected result details, including whether the goods conform or don’t conform or are pending.

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