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    Quality inspections ensure you detect, curtail and minimize quality problem before it’s too late. Quality control not only ensures the quality of the product, it can also monitor their timely delivery. All and all, it is essential for an importer sourcing in India to quality control their goods before, during and after production.

    Tanit Global Trade has a team of highly skilled quality control inspectors and certified auditors providing Quality Assurance & Quality Control services coverage in Mumbai and most other major industrial locations in india . Tanit Global Trade stands behind every product and material that we source. For every new factory used, an initial inspection is done. It is during this inspection that our staff located in india will:

    -Verify the factory’s existence

    -Check core production competencies and capacity claims

    -Ensure the integrity of the contact person is legitimate

    -Ensure quality procedures are employed

    This inspection includes a factory profile, review of production equipment and capacity, review of quality assurance systems and factory security. We continuously inspect for quality and strive for the best for our clients. We have extensive experience in product inspections as well as factory audits for a wide range of products that are manufactured in india .

    As your partner, we provide quality assurance inspections as well as testing services. We are your eyes and ears until you receive your products and we ensure that your interests are well represented. Quality Control starts with quality sourcing, finding the right suppliers and the best materials.

    We ensure that all development and production processes are carried out with quality in mind because we care about getting it right, and we only work with suppliers who feel the same way. We guarantee Full-scale Quality Approach, Factory and Social Audit (FA & SA), Laboratory Testing (LT), Initial Production Check (IPC), Inline Production Monitoring (PM) and Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI). Our experience and presence in factories worldwide ensures that your product will meet the highest of quality standards.

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